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1986-2024 |  Celebrating 38 Years in Business!



Transcom Telecommunication's mission is to foster long-term business relationships by delivering and maintaining optimal solutions for our customers. Whether you need hardware, software, network services, or a designed solution for your communications, our best product is our service!

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Unified communications, cloud collaboration, presence, and meeting for today's devices. PC, IOS, and Android apps to link multiple platforms with the mobile & office workforce. We offer award winning cloud-based collaboration solutions that leverage the full strength of Unified communications.


Transcom Hosted PBX is for businesses who need a full featured cloud-based phone system and VoIP solution without the cost and complexities of premise bases alternatives. By unifying voice and data on one network, you reduce equipment and costs while gaining a new realm of capabilities that the traditional digital phone system could never do.


IP business phone systems use your existing IP data network—your local area network (LAN)—to process voice calls and handle system administration, which offers huge advantages over traditional digital business phone systems.  By unifying voice and data on one network, you reduce equipment and costs while gaining a new realm of capabilities that the traditional digital phone system could never do.

Our Services

Our Services

Transcom is the best resource to locate and order your primary and backup internet service providers. We have access to all the regional and national carriers. We’re able to locate what services are available, whether it is fiber, copper wired, COAX, fixed wireless, cellular data, or satellite.

24/7 Service

Access to our team of factory certified technicians & vast parts inventory is available to our customers that are enrolled in one of our maintenance programs.  The best systems in the world are the best only when you have a reliable business partner you can count on for support. Our guaranteed emergency 2 hour response is a reality at Transcom. 

Multi-Site Locations and Work From Home

Have multiple offices? Desk to desk dialing where everybody is on the same system is VERY affordable. We've linked offices all across the country. Work From Home IS the new "normal."  It reduces costs for fuel, lowers traffic, saves time, and is environmentally friendly.

Call and Contact Center Solutions

With our Automated Call and Contact Center Distribution systems, your customer will get routed to best group of agents to handle their needs.

Call analytics to measure group and agent performance with

their peers. 

Moving your business? We have access to ALL the major carriers & internet providers

When your business moves, so do your phone and internet services. In some cases you may need up to 4-8 weeks lead time. We speak their language. Let us help you with the transition.

Call Recording Solutions

Voice documentation / Call Recording for quality control, governmental & industry compliance. HIPAA and PCI compliant options available too.

Voice & Data Cabling

Computer & Fiber-optic, Data Rack/Patch Panel infrastructure design and installation. Paging Systems, Call Alert & VoIP door phone system integrations.

Voice Processing Systems

Interactive Voice Response systems. Custom voicemail applications and services. Speech to Text message transcription.

Phone Company Audit

Have you noticed that parts of your phone bills have skyrocketed, but don't know why? When you call the phone company to try to figure it out, you're even more confused with all their "telephonese jargon"? Over the years, we've saved our clients hundreds of thousands of dollars! Let us review your phone and
internet bills.

Disaster Recovery/

Business Continuity

In the event of a long term major power/internet outage, building fire, or evacuation, what do you have in place to make sure your customers can reach you? Our hosted PBX has built-in failover as a standard feature.

Network Assessments

If you're ready for VoIP, you need to make sure your network is ready too.  We've got the equipment and software that can perform testing on every device connected on your network and provide a comprehensive report of your network readiness.


Transcom has been providing our communications for over 30 years. We're so happy with the new phone system. I wish we would have installed your Transcom Hosted for us years ago!

Nick Canzone

President — Prime Products

Ready to find out more?

Through our nationwide partner network, we're able to provide solutions not only in California, but all across the country!

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