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Frequently Asked Questions

Why would I want to move to a cloud/hosted PBX when my "box on the wall" digital phone system works fine, and is paid for?

Many people don't realize that their "vintage equipment" may be connected to the phone  company using older technology that, is being phased out. They just keep raising your bill, and nobody notices that the bill is now 5 times higher that it was 10 years ago. Also, many premise based PBX manufacturers have gone out of business, or put their digital equipment in "end of life" where it's no longer supported. When it stops working, decisions are made under duress. We prefer you to be "Proactive" instead of "Reactive". This is a great reason for us to have a discussion, to review the changes in how you communicate with your customers today, and we can explain the benefits of deploying new technology.

What happens to the VoIP phones if our internet connection goes down?

Without a working high speed internet connection, VoIP telephones won't work. However, many of the hosted PBX providers have an automatic failover where incoming callers to the main number would be automatically routed an alternate number. It can be a branch office, cell number, or answering service. There are smartphone apps that can function as your office phone too. As more and more businesses have been transitioning their email, and server apps to the cloud, your office's reliance on high speed internet connectivity is now critical!

Newer technologies such as "SD-WAN" have the capability to support multiple internet connections from different internet providers to ensure that your business has connectivity to the cloud.

What's this "Work From Home" all about?

It is when people can work from home, but function like they're in the office. Typically, they'll have access to your office server apps, email, and VoIP telephone with the office phone features. Where phone calls can be transferred to and from other coworkers, etc. In 2020, with the COVID19 pandemic, adoption of Cloud/Hosted PBX, server apps, & video meetings skyrocketed! Many experts are predicting that "Work From Home" will become the New Normal. 

 The elimination, (or reduction) in commute time, parking, & monthly fuel costs has many embracing these technologies. The positive environmental impact from fewer cars on the roads have been significant.    

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